Our company provides services such as sales, replacement, and repair of automobile tires. Thanks to the equipment that was purchased in Europe, huge experience and a team of professionals of “TIR Service Poltava”, any issues in this area will be resolved. You can always contact our consultants and find high-quality tires for your car. In addition, you can always install them at our service station.

At high mileage, wear out, unbalance, and damage to tires are very common. We provide services for the repair and changing of wheels. For that, mechanics remove the wheel, send it to the balancing stand. The balancing process is quite simple: first, in order to determine the problem area accurately, the wheel should be completely washed and cleaned, then it is placed on the stand, and computer determines in which part of the disk it is necessary to add a load of a certain weight. In turn, this prevents wear out of the undercarriage and the tire itself.

In the case of a blowout, the formation of bulge or gash, very often the owners of cars consider that it is possible to say goodbye to the tire, but, fortunately, this is not the case – “TIR Service Poltava” offers rubber restoration services of any difficulties, including fluting of treads. Most importantly, our company gives a guarantee on all performed work.