Trucks are designed to work in difficult conditions and with a heavy load. Suspension and steering systems are exposed to enormous mechanical stress when driving on regional roads of Ukraine. Therefore, without the timely maintenance of undercarriage, the successful operation of the transport is simply impossible.

How do we repair undercarriage

“TIR Service Poltava” performs the routine and major repair of the undercarriage of cars and trailers in the city of Poltava. Our service station is equipped with the latest diagnostic systems and special equipment. Employees of our service will do the checkup of trucks undercarriage in a short time and give advice on its further operation. Repair of undercarriage and diagnostics of front or rear suspension is a very relevant service for truck owners, since the load-carrying capacity of a car can exceed its own weight many times, and the suspension must provide accident-free movement and smooth ride with comfortable conditions for the driver in all load modes. If there is a steering wheel beating, extraneous noise, groaning, or other unnatural sounds, then this is an alarming sign for the driver and a reason for immediate appeal to the service station.

Timely turn to “TIR Service Poltava” will help to avoid additional problems with the suspension and ensures long-term operation of your car.