Before cold weather in our country, drivers need to make sure that the autonomous heaters are working well. They were invented in order to start the engine without any problems and to provide a comfortable temperature inside the cabin in cold weather. Warming up the engine, before starting it, you save fuel costs and at the same time reduce excessive wear of the crank gear, since the start is carried out when the engine is heated to the required temperature. For trucks doing long journeys, the heater is a must-have, as drivers not only work, but also rest in the cab of their vehicle, and thus spend most of their time in it. The heater undoubtedly has a positive effect on the driver’s work, creating a pleasant climate inside and not allowing him to catch a cold or become overcooled, thereby protecting the driver’s health.

To ensure the uninterrupted operation of autonomous heaters, it is necessary to use high-quality fuel, make preventive diagnostics, maintain them in time, and, if necessary, repair them.

“TIR Service Poltava” provides the opportunity to buy and install autonomous heaters Webasto, Ebershprahert, spare parts with consumable materials for any industrial transport.

Our professionals will do the work of any complexity associated with the repair of heaters, namely:

  • Diagnostics, installation, and maintenance;
  • Reading the error codes of ECM;
  • Repair of electrical parts;
  • Check the fuel supply system;
  • Lock release;
  • Check air conduit for tightness and integrity;
  • Cleaning the heater and evaporator grid.

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