One of the main units of the car is the drive axle. Structurally, it consists of drive gear, differential, shaft axles, and wheel hubs. When performing its function, the drive axles carry increased loads, and if misused the car there will be overload. In turn, in case of a breakdown of this undercarriage element, it is very important to contact a service station as quickly as possible, because this can save you considerable funds; “TIR Service Poltava” offers diagnostics, repairs, as well as parts replacement and a quick return to normal condition.

Repair of this unit should be done in the presence of the following symptoms:

  • Heating of crankcase more than 70-75 ?;
  • Clatter and shock while driving;
  • The noise of teeth of a gearwheel;
  • Worn filler blocks and gasket seals;
  • Low tightening of the shank flanges bolts;
  • Problems with fixation of shaft axle to the wheel hub;
  • Oil leaking through flange gaskets;
  • Jamming;

The maintenance of the undercarriage provides checking the density and tightening of the bolts, level control, and timely replacement of oil in gear system and crankcases, adjusting tapered bearings, gearing of the final drive pinion. It is necessary to maintain the cleanliness of drive axles and periodically clean the breather channels.

Specialists of “TIR Service Poltava” perform all the work related to the undercarriage of the car in Poltava, quickly, efficiently, and at a high level!