In the modern world, trucks have complicated electrical systems. The main reason for this was the higher requirements for the safety of the car and its comfortable movement.

Safety and longevity of almost all truck parts depend on the operability of electrical equipment. The system of starting, ignition, fuel supply depends on how well the electrical system works. Its malfunction will prevent the normal operation of control-and-measuring systems.

In a car, the main sources of power are batteries, which convert chemical energy directly into electricity, and a generator that converts mechanical energy into electricity.

A common cause of electrical system malfunction is oxidation and mechanical damage, which violates the integrity of the electrical circuit. When at least one element of the system does not work, it is no longer possible to guarantee the reliable operation of the vehicle.

Repair of electrical equipment is a very difficult process. To determine the cause of the malfunction, you need to diagnose the entire system. The company “TIR Service Poltava” does repair work of the electrical systems of trucks, special equipment, and trailers of any complexity in Poltava. Considerable experience and the availability of original diagnostic systems give us the opportunity to carry out the repair of trucks, buses, special equipment of many manufacturers. All work is carried out by highly qualified electricians with considerable experience using the latest computer equipment.

In Poltava we are unique. Any other service station no longer carries out repair work of this level.

In our service, you can – call an electrician to the place of a vehicle breakdown in Poltava and the region.

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