Diagnosis and repair of air conditioning systems

For comfortable driving inside and outside the city, it is necessary to timely diagnose the air conditioning system and check the refrigerant of the air conditioner at least once a year.
TIR SERVICE POLTAVA LLC conducts inspection and refuelling of the air conditioning system for your car, as well as repairs in case of failure.
Some common malfunctions of air conditioning systems:
natural wear (ageing) or mechanical damage to the sealant;
failure of the compressor, coupling of the conditioner;
depressurization of the car air conditioning system, drying of seals;
wear clutch bearings;
contamination of filters;
Mechanical damage, chemical or electrochemical destruction of condenser metal (radiator);

TIR SERVICE POLTAVA LLC has highly qualified specialists who perform work quickly and efficiently. Therefore we will be able not only to carry out qualitative diagnostics but also to carry out all repair and preventive maintenance works connected with the car conditioner.
If you need to know more about the services we provide – call the numbers listed on the page “Contacts”.