The diesel fuel injection system is considered the most difficult part of the car, requiring regular inspection and replacement of consumable materials. In its turn, diesel engines, due to their design features, without proper care of the fuel system can face serious problems. One of the most vulnerable parts of a diesel engine is the discharge nozzle, which must be tested regularly. Fuel pumps are also problematic, but their timely diagnostics and repairs will help to get rid of problems without damaging other engine systems. Diagnostics and repair of nozzles, PLD-sections, pump duzes should be carried out on special stands using special equipment.

The fracture of the fuel system can be determined on the following grounds:

  • Troubles with starting the engine;
  • Extraneous noises;
  • Increased fuel consumption, etc.

Some deviations can be easily identified by external manifestations, but we advise you to remember that even one flaw can be part of a whole set of problems. Therefore, we strongly recommend not to trust your vehicles to unknown service stations, but to choose a service station with good special equipment that can clearly identify the problem in modern fuel systems.

“TIR Service Poltava” does diagnostics and repair of various fuel systems of all models. With us you can always get the appropriate service for the car: Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Daf, Man, Renault, Iveco, Scania, etc. to Euro 6 standard.