“TIR Service Poltava” offers a wide range of truck services:


The diesel fuel injection system is considered the most difficult part of the car, requiring regular inspection and replacement of consumable materials. In its turn, diesel engines, due to their design features, without proper care of the fuel system can face serious problems. One of the most vulnerable parts of a diesel engine is the discharge nozzle, which must be tested regularly. Fuel pumps are also problematic, but their timely diagnostics and repairs will help to get rid of problems without damaging other engine systems. Diagnostics and repair of nozzles, PLD-sections, pump duzes should be carried out on special stands using special equipment.

The fracture of the fuel system can be determined on the following grounds:

  • Troubles with starting the engine;
  • Extraneous noises;
  • Increased fuel consumption, etc.

Some deviations can be easily identified by external manifestations, but we advise you to remember that even one flaw can be part of a whole set of problems. Therefore, we strongly recommend not to trust your vehicles to unknown service stations, but to choose a service station with good special equipment that can clearly identify the problem in modern fuel systems.

“TIR Service Poltava” does diagnostics and repair of various fuel systems of all models. With us you can always get the appropriate service for the car: Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Daf, Man, Renault, Iveco, Scania, etc. to Euro 6 standard.


In the modern world, trucks have complicated electrical systems. The main reason for this was the higher requirements for the safety of the car and its comfortable movement.

Safety and longevity of almost all truck parts depend on the operability of electrical equipment. The system of starting, ignition, fuel supply depends on how well the electrical system works. Its malfunction will prevent normal operation of control-and-measuring systems.

In a car, the main sources of power are batteries, which convert chemical energy directly into electricity, and a generator that converts mechanical energy into electricity.

A common cause of electrical system malfunction is oxidation and mechanical damage, which violates the integrity of the electrical circuit. When at least one element of the system does not work, it is no longer possible to guarantee the reliable operation of the vehicle.

Repair of electrical equipment is a very difficult process. To determine the cause of malfunction, you need to diagnose the entire system. The company “TIR Service Poltava” does repair work of the electrical systems of trucks, special equipment and trailers of any complexity in Poltava. Considerable experience and the availability of original diagnostic systems give us the opportunity to carry out repair of trucks, buses, special equipment of many manufacturers. All work is carried out by highly qualified electricians with considerable experience using the latest computer equipment.

In Poltava we are unique. Any other service station no longer carries out repair work of this level.

In our service, you can – call an electrician to the place of a vehicle breakdown in Poltava and the region.

Call to find out more information about our services.


LLC “TIR Service Poltava” offers services for the maintenance, repair or deactivation of the AdBlue injection system on cargo vehicles of such brands as Merdes-Benz, Volvo, Daf, Man, Renault, Iveco, Scania, etc.

Why do you need this system?

In the European Union operates a company that protects the environment. The fact that automobiles emit exhaust gases into the atmosphere has provoked the creation of new standards and regulations to reduce damage to the environment from exhaust gases. Environmentalists for many years strengthened the requirements, and eventually created the urea AdBlue and the SCR exhaust gas neutralization system.

AdBlue is such a rare reagent that triggers the SCR purification system.

SCR injects urea solution into the exhaust stream. The amount of injected fluid is determined by the control unit. As a result, harmless gases with nitrogen are produced from harmful gases. SCR allows you to adhere to the standards of Euro 4-5-6, which operate in the European Union. It is not required to use this system in the CIS countries.

Why do you need to turn it off?

Multiple SCR temperature sensors often give an error. This is due to a malfunction of the cleaning system or the absence of urea. The engine ECU generates an error and automatically limits power. Driving in a vehicle will be possible, but difficult, and if the car is loaded, it will bring you a lot of inconvenience.

If there is a problem in the absence of liquid, then you need to refill a new one, but in this case, you will have regular expenses for purchasing a new one. In the markets of Ukraine, low-quality liquid is often sold, and if it is poured, it will lead to breakage of other parts of the system.

Considering foregoing, turning off the urea injection system will certainly be an economical solution to the situation if it is compared with the fixed costs of refueling and repair.

You can get detailed information about our services and the deactivation of urea injection on trucks, buses and other vehicles by calling us at the phone number indicated in the “Contacts” section.


In new trucks it is begun to install devices operating under the action of air compression. Valves and cranes that control the brakes, gearbox, truck and cab suspension mount, and seats provide their operation. They are invented in order to facilitate the process of driving.

In order for the air suspension and the braking system of the truck or trailer to work well, you need to be regularly serviced.

The most common causes of pneumatic systems malfunction is unfavorable weather, as a result of which there is a failure of the control unit because of humidity, as well as mechanical damages. Premature wear of the pneumatic system components is affected by improper operation. For example, if you did not change consumable materials in time, rarely did system diagnostics or forgot to carry out prophylaxis.

“TIR Service Poltava” repairs the truck pneumatic system of such brands as Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Daf, Man, Renault, Iveco, Scania. Works are carried out by our qualified maintenance foremen, who have extensive experience in servicing commercial vehicles for various purposes. Our service has the most modern equipment for the repair and diagnostics of pneumatic systems of various designs. Technical equipment and professionalism of our specialists will fix all faults in a short time. That is why truck owners are free from unnecessary expenses caused by downtime.

We can always advise clients on the operation, maintenance and repair of the pneumatic system of trucks and trailers.


Before cold weather in our country, drivers need to make sure that the autonomous heaters are working well. They were invented in order to start the engine without any problems and to provide a comfortable temperature inside the cabin in cold weather. Warming up the engine, before starting it, you save fuel costs and at the same time reduce excessive wear of the crank gear, since the start is carried out when the engine is heated to the required temperature. For trucks doing long journeys, the heater is a must-have, as drivers not only work, but also rest in the cab of their vehicle, and thus spend most of their time in it. The heater undoubtedly has a positive effect on the driver’s work, creating a pleasant climate inside and not allowing him to catch a cold or become overcooled, thereby protecting the driver’s health.

To ensure the uninterrupted operation of autonomous heaters, it is necessary to use high-quality fuel, make preventive diagnostics, maintain them in time and, if necessary, repair them.

“TIR Service Poltava” provides the opportunity to buy and install autonomous heaters Webasto, Ebershprahert, spare parts with consumable materials for any industrial transport.

Our professionals will do the work of any complexity associated with the repair of heaters, namely:

  • Diagnostics, installation and maintenance;
  • Reading the error codes of ECM;
  • Repair of electrical parts;
  • Check the fuel supply system;
  • Lock release;
  • Check air conduit for tightness and integrity;
  • Cleaning the heater and evaporator grid.

You can always get advice from us. Call us for more information.


Malfunctions in the engine can significantly violate the working schedule of the company, which is engaged in the transport of goods. In addition, talking about serious problems that put a truck out of operation, the probability of self-remediation of such a problem is very low. Therefore, it is necessary to repair engines in service centers such as “TIR Service Poltava”.

Experienced specialists, working on our service, within the bespoken time, will be able to diagnose and repair the engine of any complexity, with or without extraction from the frame, to carry out a set of measures necessary for malfunction repair or replacing broken parts. We repair cars: Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Daf, Man, Renault, Iveco, Scania, etc.

Repair of the truck engine in many ways differs from the repair of a car engine. Only qualified specialists with special knowledge, skills and equipment can perform such repairs. In the “TIR Service Poltava” mechanics specializing in engine repair, have extensive experience that can guarantee excellent results.

Algorithm for repair works on the ICE:

  • The first stage of work on a damaged engine will be its full or partial disassembly and fault detection. Carrying out these works, our specialists identify the causes of engine failure and select the optimal and effective ways to fix them;
  • The second step is to draw up an engine repair card, on which the subsequent procedure depends. We do everything to ensure that all work is completed within a predetermined period.

“TIR Service Poltava” cooperates with manufacturers of spare parts, so it allows us to offer the customer a reasonable price.


One of the most problematic in the repair of car units is gearbox. Because of the complexity of the mechanism, its repair requires a very thorough and professional approach. Objectively, it is almost impossible to hold it in the so-called “garage conditions”. In the case of trucks, this is impossible, since it requires a hydraulic press, and preferably a 60-ton press, as well as special pullers and tools for removing bearings and gears.

Most parts in gearboxes have a so-called “hot shrink fit”. For such cases, special heating furnaces are required to avoid changing the metal structure.

The regulatory process is also an important part of malfunction repair in gearboxes. In making up the gearbox, we use various regulatory appliances.


Repair of automatic and manual gearboxes

Highly qualified specialists, using modern equipment and original spare parts and various consumables will carry out all works. It is obligatory to carry out preliminary complex diagnostics to detect all hidden and obvious problems.

Stages of gearbox repair:

  • Disassembly of the gearbox using special equipment;
  • Disassembly on stands with the help of pullers and other special equipment;
  • Cleaning parts from particles of dirt and sediments;
  • Damage identification;
  • Replacement of damaged or worn parts;
  • Assembly;
  • Installation of the repaired gearbox with adjustment and calibration of the gate.

We do repairs of any complexity on such brands as Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Daf, Man, Renault, Iveco, Scania, etc.


Trucks are designed to work in difficult conditions and with a heavy load. Suspension and steering system are exposed to enormous mechanical stress when driving on regional roads of Ukraine. Therefore, without the timely maintenance of undercarriage, the successful operation of the transport is simply impossible.

How do we repair undercarriage

“TIR Service Poltava” performs the routine and major repair of the undercarriage of cars and trailers in the city of Poltava. Our service station is equipped with the latest diagnostic systems and special equipment. Employees of our service will do the checkup of trucks undercarriage in a short time and give advice on its further operation. Repair of undercarriage and diagnostics of front or rear suspension is a very relevant service for truck owners, since the load-carrying capacity of a car can exceed its own weight many times, and the suspension must provide accident-free movement and smooth ride with comfortable conditions for driver in all load modes. If there is a steering wheel beating, extraneous noise, groaning or other unnatural sounds, then this is an alarming sign for the driver and a reason for immediate appeal to the service station.

Timely turn to “TIR Service Poltava” will help to avoid additional problems with the suspension and ensures long-term operation of your car.


One of the main units of the car is the drive axle. Structurally, it consists of a drive gear, differential, shaft axles and wheel hubs. When performing its function, the drive axles carry increased loads, and if misused the car there will be overload. In turn, in case of a breakdown of this undercarriage element, it is very important to contact a service station as quickly as possible, because this can save you considerable funds; “TIR Service Poltava” offers diagnostics, repairs, as well as parts replacement and a quick return to normal condition.

Repair of this unit should be done in the presence of the following symptoms:

  • Heating of crankcase more than 70-75 ℃;
  • Clatter and shock while driving;
  • Noise of teeth of a gearwheel;
  • Worn filler blocks and gasket seals;
  • Low tightening of the shank flanges bolts;
  • Problems with fixation of shaft axle to the wheel hub;
  • Oil leaking through flange gaskets;
  • Jamming;

The maintenance of the undercarriage provides checking the density and tightening of the bolts, level control and timely replacement of oil in gear system and crankcases, adjusting tapered bearings, gearing of final drive pinion. It is necessary to maintain the cleanliness of drive axles and periodically clean the breather channels.

Specialists of “TIR Service Poltava” perform all the work related to the undercarriage of the car in Poltava, quickly, efficiently and at a high level!


This type of repair works today is very relevant. Sometimes welding is not paid much attention, although repair is a more economical option than buying a new item. For example, a small crack can be repaired by melting welding and does not need to buy a new part. This method is more economical and profitable.

“TIR Service Poltava”, in addition to other services, is engaged in welding works on aluminum, stainless steel and cast iron. These types of alloys are somehow used in cars.

We perform the following types of welding:

  • Aluminum and aluminum products of wide use (argon)
  • Stainless steel (argon, semi-automatic, electrode coating)
  • Cast iron (argon, hand electrode coating).

We use universal welding machines that allow to perform the foregoing types of welding.

The professionalism of our staff and high-quality European equipment allows making a high-strength compound and guaranteeing quality that meets modern standards. We do the welding of cast iron products microcracks and the surfacing of the chips in case of breakage of fragments. We inspect products for tightness, and if necessary, mechanical works. If you need to get to know more about the services we provide – call the number indicated on the page “Contacts”.


Trucks are a commercial vehicle and require exceptionally high quality service for their performance. LLC “TIR Service Poltava” offers high-quality body repair of trucks and trailers in Poltava, thanks to the professional approach of qualified specialists and the availability of modern equipment. We carry out all our work strictly in accordance with the recommendations of automakers and using only high-quality consumables and spare parts.

Our range of body repair services includes:

  • Restoration of frame geometry;
  • Restoration of body geometry;
  • Body repair without painting, tin work, levelling, remedial works, fastening parts of any dimensions;
  • Repair of plastic body parts;
  • Full and partial painting of the body and trailer;
  • Any painting works for cars, trucks, buses, tractors.

Levelling of truck and trailer body is very relevant service today. Deformations in the form of hollow, distortions and cambers, not only spoil the appearance, but also can cause intense corrosion. We carry out levelling, restoration of geometry with the subsequent painting. The equipment of our paint booth, high-quality materials and computer paint selection allow us to paint a truck and a trailer at a high level.

We appreciate the trust of our customers and always try to do the work efficiently and on time. For more information about the services – call the number indicated on the page “Contacts”.


Our company provides services such as sales, replacement and repair of automobile tires. Thanks to the equipment that was purchased in Europe, huge experience and a team of professionals of “TIR Service Poltava”, any issues in this area will be resolved. You can always contact our consultants and find high-quality tires for your car. In addition, you can always install them in our service station.

At high mileage, wear out, unbalance, and damage of tires are very common. We provide services for the repair and changing of wheels. For that, mechanics remove the wheel, send it to the balancing stand. The balancing process is quite simple: first, in order to determine the problem area accurately, the wheel should be completely washed and cleaned, then it is placed on the stand and computer determines in which part of the disk it is necessary to add a load of a certain weight. In turn, this prevents wear out of the undercarriage and the tire itself.

In the case of blowout, formation of bulge or gash, very often the owners of cars consider that it is possible to say goodbye to the tire, but, fortunately, this is not the case – “TIR Service Poltava” offers rubber restoration services of any difficulties, including fluting of treads. Most importantly, our company gives a guarantee on all performed work.


Our professional specialists with extensive experience will help you thoroughly and quickly repair hydraulic systems using modern service equipment that is available in “TIR Service Poltava”.