LLC “TIR SERVICE POLTAVA” on April 9, 2019 fulfilled all the requirements and was certified for service and warranty repair of BPW axles. The representative of the service department of the BPW plant (Germany), Andreas Wall, conducted the training of the personnel of LLC “TIR SERVICE POLTAVA” for the maintenance and repair of rolling stock, which is equipped with BPW axles. Now it is possible to purchase BPW axles through LLC “TIR SERVICE POLTAVA”, install or re-equip a trailer, get a guarantee and service.

BPW is the world’s leading manufacturer of intelligent undercarriage systems for trailers and semi-trailers. BPW offers system solutions for transportation tasks for the entire fleet of your towed vehicles, which includes both axial units with brakes and easy-to-use integrated data processing systems about the state of your equipment. This provides a high level of transparency in the processes of loading and unloading and transportation, allowing efficient fleet management.

BPW has a global network of 50 own companies and over 3,200 service centers. Ten production sites, some of them in Germany, Hungary, China, Australia and South Africa. Having at its disposal high-tech, standardized production and the latest equipment for assembling undercarriage, in close proximity to the client, guarantees the quality of its products and loyalty to the suppliers, thanks to which BPW is famous in its industry.

Since 1898, BPW has been developing and producing undercarriage systems and axles for trailers at its headquarters in Wiehl (near Cologne). Using its strengths and innovative approach, the company was able to achieve continuous growth and now is considered worldwide as a reliable partner and supplier of high quality products. The company has repeatedly been awarded as “Best Brand” in many categories, including “Axles for trailers.”

Warranty service hosted by LLC “TIR SERVICE POLTAVA” is carried out for axles Eco Plus, Eco Plus 2, Eco Plus 3 on an axles with a conventional hub system and Eco MAXX. The right of the consumer (client) for warranty repair arises from the moment of signing the sales contract from an official representative of the BPW manufacturing plant. The manufacturer’s warranty is divided into the following types: basic warranty (12 to 42 months), extended, preventive, warranty for spare parts and garage equipment, and also a special warranty.

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